As I write the first activity of the “Behind the Stage” project is just a couple of days away, taking place in Tallinn in the context of the 55th Pearle members conference, and as with any live performance we’ll feeling a few butterflies in anticipation of the moment in which we’ll see how the results of several months of preparation and planning finally come together. We’re hopeful (and confident!) that the workshops, conferences and seminars that make up this first capacity building meeting will be useful and enjoyable for those taking part and will also provide them with tools and ideas to assist them in a professional capacity once they’re back home. We’re already looking forward to shaping future meetings according to many of the outcomes and conclusions reached in Tallinn.

Hopefully this project will provide a fresh platform for debate and reflection that will continue to grow and develop over the forthcoming months, not just in the context of a conference or meeting but also by taking advantage of the digital devices now at our disposal, such as this blog space. Keep your eye on it as we’ll be using it to share news or developments related to the project which we think could be of interest to you. We’ll also be inviting some of our Pearle members to write here on a monthly basis with examples of best practices or areas in which they have special knowledge or expertise which they’d like to share with the rest of the “Behind the Stage” community. We hope these posts lead into on-line discussion and debate where everyone who’d like to take part will have the opportunity to do so with their opinions or comments.

Above all and on a wide scope we’d like to encourage all our Pearle members and other participants in the “Behind the Stage” project to consider this blog as their own megaphone, a place where they can share experiences and present new initiatives, discuss issues or ask their peers for advice in an informal and direct way. All together and with all the input we hope to receive from the diversity of backgrounds and realities that characterize our Live Performance community, we look forward to building up a veritable goldmine of first-hand experiences and information which we hope will make a rich contribution to the project’s relevance and usefulness both now and in the future.

Looking forward to seeing you here soon… curtain up!

Cristina Ward, Behind the Stage Project Officer

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