“Aren’t you afraid your audience will decrease?”, I was asked in May. The whole world was getting ready for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At oKo, we had prepped our members for the new legislation and were busy setting up everything to be GDPR-compliant ourselves. “Not really,” I said, knowing that an audience that’s just waiting for an ‘unsubscribe’ button on a golden platter might not be very interested in what you have to say anyway. But apart from that, I had learned that oKo members are very engaged readers and listeners. Coming from a job in a communication agency in a more technical area, I know that this is not always the case. oKo has built up this loyalty over the course of many years.

It’s my job to keep engagement high, with or without GDPR, and inform our members about everything that affects their professional life in the arts sector. In a field that’s notoriously understaffed and under financed, I aim to keep things at the same time accurate and to the point, covering the whole spectrum from legislation to the role of the arts in our society. And that’s not all: I wish to raise more awareness exactly about these themes with policy makers, journalists and societal thinkers. Helped by more than 200 of our wonderful members, I’m positive that we can make our voices be heard.

Esther De Soomer

Communication at Overleg Kunstenorganisaties