It was on 23 and 24 November that a second capacity-building meeting took place, organised by Pearle, in the framework of the Behind the Stage. Tapping on the expertise of co-partner OKO, who also hosted the meeting in Antwerp, the meeting allowed for a great variety of topics and input from experts. In the programme we again tried to address issues raised in the European pillar of social rights, whilst attention was also paid to specific challenges for employers in an ever-changing environment. Following on from the debates started in May in Tallinn during the first capacity building meeting, a few of the workshops or working groups built further on the discussions held then.

members antwerp 2

The result was a rich exchange between participants and experts, allowing to launch a reflection or provide a starting basis for initiatives, whether in their own organisations or countries or cross-border.

The topics that were covered included exchanges on skills for musicians in training or recently graduated, skills for offstage occupations in the theatre and how to campaign for them, integrating diversity into an artistic organisation from staff and volunteers to programming and audiences, developing an environment in an organisation where there is a respectful interaction between people, rethinking working time and work life balance in an artistic organisation, rebalancing the organisations model with more evenly shared levels of importance between the artistic and management/administrative parts.

The meeting also provided a platform to present all the projects that had been presented to the Pearle 2018 Awards the evening before at the Bozar centre for fine arts in Brussels.

The quality of the experts, the discussions and the active participation of delegates all contributed to making the second capacity building a successful one, which overall was evaluated as rich, interesting and worthwhile.

In accordance with the spirit of Pearle, participants attending for the first time experienced its ‘family’ character; the trust and mutual understanding that is the basis upon which one can hold discussions and work together on a daily basis, with the aim of putting culture and the arts into the spotlight.

Anita Debaere

Director, Pearle Live Performance Europe

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