Gender equality appears to be a natural thing for many of us as well as the respect, the promotion and even the advocacy of diversity. We all need to make sure that what seems obvious to us becomes a shared opinion by all the professionals and, ideally, one day, by all the members of our society.

That’s why, during a joint seminar in July 2018 the members of Les Forces Musicales and Association Française des Orchestres committed to stepping up their action in favour of gender equality in their respective organisation. At this occasion, “The charter for gender equality within orchestras and opera houses” was approved and all the members decided to implement locally its recommendations by developing the necessary partnerships (Ministry of Culture, conservatories, local authorities, artistic agents…)

Based on two surveys on gender equality realised by AFO (2010 and 2017) and a Legal analysis of salaries and recruitment rules realised by Les Forces Musicales, this charter propose 6 main axes :

  1. Observation / Collecting data
  2. Artistic integration and carreer
  3. Communication / Symbolic representation of the professional world
  4. Collective bargaining / Support mechanisms
  5. Network partnerships
  6. A monitoring commission

A steering and follow-up committee will draw up a five years action plan, create a toolkit for orchestras and opera houses, analyse the actions of implementation of the charter and validate or amend its terms every year.

This is a long-term effort, for which orchestras and opera houses, their executive managements and staffs, AFO and Les Forces Musicales will act by fostering the dialogue among all parties involved.

Alexandra Bobes

Secretary General, Les Forces Musicales

Read the Charter for gender equality

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