Covering a period of 28 months, from December 2017 to April 2020, Behind the Stage will unfold through a series of different activities and events happening in 5 different  European cities. The activities will consist in workshops with practical examples and real cases, seminars to deepen the knowledge of participants on specific subjects, and in international awards contest for employer’s associations as well as individual organisations.


workshopsOver the course of the project, in the framework of the BTS Academy, the partners organise a series of capacity building workshops with the aim of giving tools as well helping participants to develop new set of skills while learning about good practices on a European level.  The following workshops have been organised (list regularly updated):

Negotiation – the Art of Making Constructive Agreements – Tools to negotiate

seminarsDuring the 28 months of the project, during each BTS Academy, the partners curate a number of subject-based seminars tackling issues ranging from European Labour laws to gender equality. The seminars are addressed to small group of professionals and are designed to be interactive and facilitate learning through active participation.

Managers, lonely leaders? What’s the state of play in relations with the workforce and the unions

Friend or foe? Relations with third parties – from advocacy groups to collecting societies

Skills, a matter of finding and retaining people with the right skills – Identifying the challenges, skills shortages and how to address them

The loneliness of the long-distance runner – Revealing relations and culture policy work with the government

Know your law – The most recent initiatives, proposals and changes in European labour law when managing work relations in performing arts organisations

About Equal Opportunities And Gender Equality – A brief intro by the European institute on gender equality

#metoo – Exchange of initiatives in various countries and perspectives for the future

Gender equality is not an option – Initiatives aimed at establishing gender equality in our organisations

awards      In summer 2018 a call for application to the Pearle* 2018 Awards was launched. The Awards comprise of 5 Awards categories for employers’ associations that excelled in particular areas of relevance for the Behind the Stage project, as well as one Award category for individual organisations who carried on activities of excellence in occasion of the celebrations for the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

Awards categories for employers’ associations:

Cooperation Award
Diversity & Equal Opportunities Award
Skills/Training/ Lifelong Learning Award
Social Dialogue/Collective Bargaining Award
Sustainable Development Award

Award category for individual organisation:

Spotlight on Heritage in Culture and the Arts Award: a special award for an individual organisation’s outstanding achievement

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