red arrow  Objectives


Behind the Stage is an objectives-driven project that has been designed to respond to the most relevant issues of the sector in the present time, as well as to anticipate the topics that the Live Performance Employers will have to face in the near future. These objectives are structured around 5 mayor themes:

  • To raise awareness about the role of employers associations within the live performance sector
  • To strengthen capacity of small or emerging employers organisations, to encourage cross-national exchange, to further support the creation of new associations and to encourage the integration of existing sectoral employers associations in the European social dialogue
  • To increase knowledge and deepen reflection on the role and meaning of employers, on specific issues of change which impact the live performance sector and in this way identify innovative practices or new ways of cooperation in social dialogue and as such also contribute to the public debate on a European pillar of social rights
  • To award activities of employers and in particular associations, which contribute to the sustainability of the sector, which showcase innovative ways of association management, and which demonstrate good practices in relation to EU goals on employment and social affairs and skills.


red arrow  Expected results


Being a highly practical project, Behind the Stage expects to achieve concrete results that will have a long-lasting impact on the sector. These results are articulated in 4 major areas:

  • Increased involvement in European social dialogue through strengthened capacity of employers associations.
  • Increased knowledge on specific themes in relation to industrial relations.
  • Visibility of activities of associations and recognition of the employers association to the sector.
  • Final report and a roadmap including possible future actions with the aim to ensure sustainability of employers associations and to have a leveraging effect on the social dialogue.


red arrow   Why Behind the Stage?


Why does the Live Performance sector, and in particular the Employers Association within this sector, need a specific project? Why it is important to tackle the current issues as well as making the effort to predict and anticipate the future ones? Learn more here!