PEARLE_stacked_fullPEARLE* – Live Performance Europe, is the European employers federation of music and performing arts organisations. Pearle* represents the interests of more than 10,000 live performance organisations across Europe and beyond (such as theatres, theatre production companies, bands and music ensembles, orchestras, opera houses, ballet, dance companies, festivals, concert venues, producers, promoters, agents, comedy, variété, circus and others). The Live Performance sector is the biggest employer of the cultural industries with over 2 million employees .

Pearle* represents the employers in the European sectoral social dialogue committee ‘live performance’, facilitated by the DG Employment of the European Commission. The musicians, performers and technicians are represented by EAEA, the European Arts and Entertainment Alliance.




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oKo (Overleg KunstenOrganisaties) is the industry federation for the arts in Brussels and the Flanders Region in Belgium. oKo unites, informs and takes positions.

The oKo network consists of more than 200 members , professional arts organizations in Flanders and Brussels, who focus on the creation, production, distribution, support of or contributing to the participation in art. They are active in various disciplines and work forms: audiovisual arts, visual arts, arts education, music, performing arts and social-artistic work.


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The Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions (MTÜ Eesti Etendusasutuste Liit /EETEAL) is an association of employers representing 20 Estonian theatres.

EETEAL assembles the most various aspects of the Estonian stage arts.  The interests of EETEAL are all the common activities and initiatives important to the members, for instance formulating and implementing a financing scheme for the field, organising the work field with the help of  collective agreements, communication with other cultural organisations, legislative initiatives, social dialogue with the state and employers, practical questions  like ticket sales systems, training or functioning of the  festivals.


Les Forces MusicalesFounded in 2015, Les Forces Musicales is  the second largest employers’ organization for live performance in terms of payroll, and the first in terms of permanent artistic jobs in France. This new employers’ organization brings together members of the former CPDO (Professional Chamber of Opera Directions) and SYNOLYR (National Union of Orchestras and Lyric Theaters). Les Forces Musicales is distinguished by collective values ​​and practices, foremost among which is the permanence of employment and activity, the strong link with local authorities, the attachment to public policies and the desire to operator of the public service of culture.




logo1Founded in 2008, BAROK is the Bulgarian Association of Employers in Culture, and it represents over 40 companies and organisations active in the fields of theatre, music,  dance, museums, galleries and fine arts as well as animation. The main objectives of BAROK are: to co-ordinate the activity of it’s members and develop their capacity for participation in the social dialog in culture field; to represent and defend the right and interests of the employers in the social dialog in culture field on municipality and national level; to represent its members in collective bargaining in culture field; to represent its members in national and branch three way cooperation on municipality and national level in the culture field; to represent its members in front of Ministry of culture, other state and municipality entities, as well as in front of Bulgarian, foreign and international employers or syndicate organizations, for development the social dialog in culture field in municipality, national, European and International level


logo_performeart     PERFORMART  is the Association for Performative Arts in Portugal. Its aim is to promote the multiple forms of cultural and artistic expression in the field of performing arts, both nationally and internationally. The mission of PERFORMART includes, among other objectives, the promotion of efforts and initiatives that allow the recognition and healthy and sustainable development of the sector of the performing arts and its professionals at various levels, as well as the structuring of networks among its members by representing the interests of its members vis-à-vis national and international institutions; and by promoting joint position on issues relevant to the sector and its professionals.





The Deutsches Bühnenverein is the German association of interests of employers of theaters and orchestras.  It addresses all artistic, organizational and cultural issues that affect the theater and orchestra in any way. These include topics such as the importance of theaters and orchestras for the cities, the development of the public as well as the design of legal framework conditions and the social situation of the artists. Further areas of activies are the training for the artistic and artistic-handicraft occupations, the financial situation of theaters and orchestras as well as the resulting possibilities and limits of artistic creation. The optimization of organizational structures as well as the relationship between the legal entity and the theater management are also activities domains. In addition, the stage association is involved in the legislative process of the federal and state governments.

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