BtS Academy #1 

Estonian National Opera, Tallinn, Estonia

Friday 25 May 2018

Seminar: Managers, lonely leaders? What’s the state of play in relations with the workforce and the unions

Facilitator and presenter of case: Liesbeth Dejonghe, OKO
Presenter of cases: Nathaly Ossa, AEOS
Rapporteur: Zdenek Panek, APD CR


Seminar: Friend or foe? Relations with third parties – from advocacy groups to collecting societies

Facilitator and presenter of case: Marc Grandmontagne, DBV
Presenter of case: Soco Collado, A.R.T.e
Rapporteur: Alexandra Bobes


Seminar: Skills, a matter of finding and retaining people with the right skills – Identifying the challenges, skills shortages and how to address them

Facilitator: Matti Holopainen
Rapporteur: Anita Debaere


Seminar: The loneliness of the long-distance runner – Revealing relations and culture policy work with the government

Facilitator: Ana Vicente, Performart
Discussion with Cristina Loglio
Rapporteur: Tommi Saarikivi


Workshop:  Negotiation – the Art of Making Constructive Agreements – Tools to negotiate

Malene Rix, negotiation adviser


Seminar: Know your law – The most recent initiatives, proposals and changes in European labour law when managing work relations in performing arts organisations

Presenters: Anita Debaere
Ilka Schmalbauch, DBV
Rapporteur: Louise Norman, Solt/UKtheatre


Saturday 26 May 2018

Seminar: About Equal Opportunities And Gender Equality – A brief intro by the European institute on gender equality

Christian Veske, Stakeholder relations coordinator


Seminar: #metoo – Exchange of initiatives in various countries and perspectives for the future

Facilitator: Morten Gjelten, NTO
Presenter of case: Liesbeth Dejonghe, OKO, Jude Henderson, FST
Rapporteur: Anna Marks, ZPF


Seminar: Gender equality is not an option – Initiatives aimed at establishing gender equality in our organisations

Facilitator and presenter of case: Alexandra Bobes, LFM
Comments and views from Christian Veske
Rapporteur: Tania Swayne, Faeteda


BtS Academy #2

Antwerp, Belgium

Friday 23 November 2018

Workshop: Balanced organisations: between art as a goal and leadership as a tool

Koen Vandyck


Workshop: Work-life balance – on the crossroads between law, human resources and the passion for the arts

Sarah De Groof


Working Group: Creative Diversity & Social Inclusion – implementing Diversity in the Live Performance Sector

Danielle Dierckx, De Roma


Workshop: Towards a respectful working environment

Peter Vanslembrouck


Saturday 24 November 2018

Seminar: The transforming role of Live Performance associations in the 21st Century – an in-depth look at where we are today: mission, mergers, strategies

Cristina Ward


Workshop: Offstage skills for the Theatre

Hannah Gagen


Worskhop: Skills for the Music Sector

Venessa Tanovic , Stefan Gies

may 19

BtS Academy #3

Plovdiv,  Bulgaria

Friday 24 May 2019

20th anniversary EC Sectoral Live Performance Social Dialogue Committee: TIME TO TALK: moving forward with social dialogue

Johannes Studinger & Thomas Dayan (EAEA)


Worskhop: Decisive growth: how to implement and strengthen membership strategies

Jeanne Schmitt (ILO ITC)


Workshop: Leadership and management skills for the cultural sector: Are we intrapreneurial and ready to meet the Gen Z?

Lidia Varbanova (National academy of theatre & arts, BG)


Saturday 25 May 2019

Seminar: Presentation of the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training

Cynthia Harrison Villalba (CEDEFOP)


Working Group: Inclusion of migrant and refugee people in the live performance sector work environment through skills training

Tommy Neuman (VPLT) – step2mice project
Ricardo Esteban (Petit Bain) – HOPE project


Working Group: Skills – discussing an integrated approach based on previous exchanges, projects and (future) initiatives

Anita Debaere – Pearle*


BtS closing keynote: The live performance sector and funding opportunities in the MFF (Multi financial framework) post 2021

Cristina Loglio



BtS Academy #4

Porto, Portugal

Friday 29 November 2019

BtS Plenary presentation: Working together to make Health & Safety work

Julia Flintrop (European Agency for Health and Safety at Work)


Working Group: Communication & PR for associations: Making a difference – how to re-position a brand to achieve greater visibility?

Cristina Salvador


Working Group: Taxation, social security and posting in a cross-border context : ‘creating a mindshift’

Dick Molenaar, Frederic De Wispelaere & Marco Rocca


Working Group 3: Environmental Sustainability: the big picture

Dr Ben Twist & Jude Henderson


Workshops: Taking the stage: cutting edge communication techniques & tools to put live performance organisations in the limelight

Cristina Salvador


Saturday 30 November 2019

BtS Plenary Presentation: Keynote “Rethinking Cultural Management: the case for civil disobedience”

Vânia Rodrigues


BtS Plenary Presentation: Next steps: so where do we go from here?  (What better way to conclude Behind the Stage than with a challenge?!)

Cristina Ward


Working groups: open topics

Facilitators: Marzena Gawenda, Marie Dubost, Silke Lalvani



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